Deathly Halloween

Halloween has come and gone. This year Halloween crept up on me. I feel like I was planning it so much more than celebrating it, then BAM it was the next evening. We celebrated Halloween on Saturday the 29th this year, and was it ever fun. My husband and I dressed up as a bride and groom day of the dead. We felt it suited us this year since we recently got married in Mexico of May this year. We generally never dress up as a couple, but we did this time and it was quite successful might I add.


I did quite the research on the face makeup, the costume didn’t need much thinking. I already knew what we had in our closets that we can use. I used my little black lace dress with black tights incase it got brisk, and He wore a pinstripe suit and a button up shirt. Along with what we had, I made us head pieces. Digging through all my scrap material in my basement, I found a piece of lace with tulle already attached to it(from a previous unfinished project) for my veil; and for his, I painted a green St. Patricks day hat that he already had; black.  I made roses out of this red and white polyester material I had to add to my headband and his now black hat. Since I wanted to use red and gold, I had to spray paint the white roses gold. I sewed 5 roses onto a headband and my now accidental veil and hot glue gunned roses on to his hat. On top of headpieces, I also made myself a corsage and my groom a boutonniere with a bedazzled tie.
When it came to makeup, let’s be real, besides the white face makeup, I already had everything I needed!!! Typical woman. To be honest the most difficult part of the makeup was working with my dollarstore white face paint ha! It took us two attempts to figure out how to properly apply it. This was no makeup foundation application. When I watched the YouTube videos I refused to believe it took them 2 hours. Well folks, it did! I’d be kidding myself to blame it only on the white face but making the small details and placing the diamonds took the longest process. My husbands makeup took less time…one hour to do his, even with adding the diamonds. I couldn’t believe it, but luckily I timed everything out just fine even had time to curl my hair! We just finished in time to meet our friends for the Halloween party!
I didn’t feel like my outfit was 100% until I put my veil on. It made all the difference. Not even the face makeup did it for me, oddly enough!


Products I used: white face cream, Avon black pencil eyeliner, L’Oreal black liquid liner, Maybelline Color Tattoo in gold, Gold eyeshadow From the TooFaced palet, Faces black eyeshadow, diamond gems from dollarstore, Ardele wispy lashes, and Revlon eyelash glue for lashes and gems

When I say Halloween crept up on me, I mean it came out of no where! I had no time between work and a convocation I had to attend to grab pumpkins for Halloween day! I asked my husband to grab two pumpkins on sunday the 30th from Warners Ranch and Pumpkin Farm.

On Halloween day, monday the 31st, carved out the pumpkins. Another two-hour process! I made my jack-o-latern and place a flickering LED tealight into both pumpkins and when my husband came home that day he carved his pumpkins face…. took him five minutes. Guess which one was his jack-o-lantern.


Two pumpkins and 3 mini decorations from the dollarstore was our only decor. We probably only had 20 kids come to our door trick or treating. Where have all the trick or treaters gone? I remember we would run out of candy before kids would stop ringing our bell, we stopped handing out candy by 9pm. How crazy! Well, more candy for us! Despite how rushed I felt about Halloween, it was a lot of fun this year and we have Christmas next!

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