DIY Christmas Gift Tag

I don’t know what it is about Christmas, Holidays, and birthdays, that makes me want to make so much arts and crafts.  I actually plan 10 things at once and complete 3 out of 10 because one project alone gets me so amped I put so much energy in anything creative. It’s not even that it’s so hard to complete, it’s because from one small idea like doodling a cat outline onto a mug, I end up doodling 20,000 cats on the mug because it’s cuter, that there is where all my time goes.  Over the top, and I like cats.

Every year I like to play dress the presents. That involves gift wrapping all the presents for the big day with bows, strings, wrapping paper or whatever else I can get my hands on at the craft store, or dollarstore, always check the dollarstore first! They have everything.  It started with the cutest gift wrapper and attaching mini ornaments/mini christmas gifts/mini pinecones wrapped around ribbons, to just brown kraft paper with a red ribbon and their name scripted with a gold sharpie, to brown kraft paper with a different coloured/design ribbon and their name scripted with a black sharpie, to this year…

All year long, if I wrapped a gift, I continued to use brown kraft paper with a doodle of their name. No excuses, that’s all I used. My husband has had these 2 rolls of wrapping papers in our closet for about 3 years, it was used to wrap my christmas presents for our first christmas. One was cute, the other was a hot mess. I don’t know what it is, and who I’m competing with, but I always try to up my game in wrapping Christmas presents, maybe because it’s the most wonderful time of year? I feel like I have to, there’s nothing else acceptable. This year was a year to branch and expand my wrapping game, it was a big step but I almost opted out of brown kraft paper, but there’s just something about it that I can’t ever leave. Since Buffalo Check was my Christmas tree skirt design, I luckily found wrapping paper that was of the same nature, so yes you can say I did branch out…kind of.

The wrapping papers I went with was of course, Brown Kraft Paper, Buffalo Check and that one old wrapping paper that has Reindeer on it, suited our lumberjack-ish, outdoor-sy theme we went for. On top of the wrapping paper, here’s why I said I never finish all my artsy fartsy for the holidays… I got rid of my ribbons, this time I traded them in for red/white and red twine. I’m also making my own tags, which is what this post is all about. I never liked buying store tags, theres never enough room for anyones name “to: or from:” and the ones that I do want are soooo over priced just for 8 labels. Get lost.
I say get lost like making my tags were dirt cheap ha, I had half the things already and also had a coupon. My blank gift tags were from Michaels, that I placed tree cut-outs on. So cute. I could have designed other cut-outs, but who has the time!!

What I Used:


Firstly, I strongly advise to write who the presents for first(with a sharpie or thick marker so it’s bold and clear; I used a Prisma marker), or it may cause difficulty writing on top of the not solid surface of the tag. I also went ahead and attached them to the presents with my twine. I was not wasting anytime.

When choosing an image for your cut outs you will need to make sure it will fit within the walls of your tag, I chose this simple Christmas tree and made a stencil out of cardboard.

Take the card stock paper you would like to use, I already have a wide variety of card stocks since I scrapbook…I chose 4 different designs(ended up only using 3). I traced the stencil with a pencil on the back of the card stock(writing on the back gets rid of any tracing mistakes you may make) as many times as I needed, I wanted a good variety, because I had 3 different wrapping papers, it wouldn’t look good for the card stock to clash the paper. Can’t. After stencilling I cut out all the trees.

The mounting tape I used wasn’t thick enough to my liking, so I doubled up the tape and cut out strips of 1cmX1cm. I then attached it to a tree of choice and onto a present that matched. [Warning: your scissors will get really sticky, I had to clean mine off half way through for it to keep working.

Voila! Those are my Christmas Tags!
Your already know, next year I will probably had more variety in my cut out. Hold me to that, or someone remind me! How do you set a reminder for next year on this thing?

Tis The Season,

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