New Year, New Goals

And the next day I woke up and it was 2017. Good bye 2016, boy you were a good one, if there was a year I could go back to, it would be 2016. It was such a busy year, when people say time flies, that whole year flew! It was a year of many firsts and the best day of my life, my wedding. 2016 was so amazing I kind of didn’t want it to end.

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I have not been working, but man the holiday crept up on me. I was still literally shopping still days before the 25th. Who am I? I’m usually on top of it.

Before 2017 came around, we knew it was going to be our year of grind, business and growth. Mapping out our life for a big future we plan to have. Last year we had no choice, but to map out half our year because there was so much happening with the wedding. Weddings alone have so many steps, so many different events prior to the big day. This year we set our goals for a prosperous new start to our life, our future.  None of our NYE plans hatched out so we ended up cleaning out our now studio in the basement and set it up all ready for an office, sewing and photography space and still a jam room.

We set goals that we know we need to do.  Goals that inspire us to do better, goals that has no end, but achievements and much success. I don’t believe in New Years Resolution because I’m one of those people who when I don’t follow it, I get upset at myself and wonder why I even made those resolutions and that it was just another thing parents/adults say to kids to make them have some sort of aspiration besides beat World 3 of Super Mario or beat that gym across the street in Pokemon Go.

As now an “adult” I feel like you need to make goals. I’m a lists person, when I can checkmark a box, it’s a sense of satisfaction/validation and I know I’ve achieved something. I’ve got quite an extensive list of goals, all of which is achievable with a lot of hardwork.

1. Stick to working out, I’ve already lost 20lbs, and hope to keep going. I got a Vivofit for Christmas and it tracks everything. Recently been feeling like a lazy couch potato, but that again encourages you to do better. We’ve converted a part of our kitchen into a little yoga/work out station. Have we used it yet? Not gonna lie, we haven’t yet lol It’s only 7 days in the New Year, give me a break.
2. Learn more about my new shiny camera, to it’s maximum potential. And with it take more pictures, capture every moment.
3. Use my planner, to help me plan ahead and keep me on my A-game.
4. BLOG! I need to work out a schedule to post and what to write about! I’m hoping to stay consistent on writing and growing my blog.
5. Photoshop 101. I need to learn more skills, I thought I had a great handle on photoshop, but turns out I’m just mediocre lol
6. Learn different dishes. We are not often inspired to make dinner creative, now a days we opt for something quick and simple, and you know what, sometimes it just gets boring! I want to up my taste buds and try different things, as much as you love a certain dish, beware not to make it too often, you’ll get sick of it!
7. Make time for eachother. Everyone gets caught up in life and everything happens without you noticing how much time has past. We need to show more appreciation for eachother and take time out of our busy schedule and dedicate time for someone else other than what’s going on.

I think those are some pretty realistic goals, no? Jotting that all down makes it more real. I hope it encourages everyone else to make goals, more achievements. Push and shove. Let’s get this year started, let’s get off the couch and do something about it. You want that future, get that future.

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