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In March of 2016, I was in full wedding mode. I wanted all sorts of skincare’s for my face and body prior to getting married in May. I did a lot of youtube research and the products that I converted to were the Kopari Beauty products. Unfortunately because I lived in Canada, Kopari at the time did not ship to Canada.  I reached out to their customer service and they offered to send me the products I wanted, of course I had to pay for shipping, but nonetheless, I was getting the products I was dying to try.  I put in a large order, and it man was it worth it.  I felt like I was opening hawaii in a bottle, or I was just given a tropical spa.  If you haven’t heard of Kopari they are an organic 100% pure coconut-based company. And I love them! They claim to have no sulfates, no silicones, no parabens, no GMO’s, No toxins and cruelty free.

My fave product is definitely the Organic Coconut Melt.  In the colder months, the product solidifies, where as in the warmer months, it’s a liquid.  It is as its named, a melt.  You scoop out some Organic Coconut Melt and rub it between your hands and it literally melts into it’s amazing coconut oil form, “melts on touch” as they say.  It can be used as of course, a moisturizer, makeup remover, hair mask and under-eye oil.  It is amazing for removing those tough to get rid of waterproof mascaras.  The best way to do this is by putting some of your finger tips and melt it along your lashes and massage it on your lashes for a minute.  I found that putting it on a cotton it just absorbed the oil.  Not only does it remove waterproof mascara, but the coconut oil on your lashes helps hydrate the lashes not stripping them of nutrients and actually benefitting them instead.  My favourite use for it is rubbing it on my stretchmarks.  Prior to the wedding, I got these crazy red stretch marks everywhere, which was not cute. I used the melt all over my stretch marks and the red has now faded, stretch marks are still there, but less visible. I continue to use this every night to try and get rid of my nasty stretchmarks.  It has definitely come a long way, it does not happen over night, but with much dedication and time, you will see the benefits!

The product I was second excited for was the Coconut Body Glow, but it failed to please me. I was excited for this because for the wedding I wanted to glow AF! It claims to illuminate face and body at the same time moisturizing and hydrating the skin. I found I got more glow from makeup highlighters. Not the point. The thing that turned me off about this was the scent. It was so over powering and I have a heightened sense of smell and I’m the type of person who gets headaches if I’m surrounded by too many scents I don’t like. It’s quite too bad because I have two bottles of this product and I loooooove everything else in this brand.

The Coconut Sheer Oil, I treat as a sunscreen for my face, it came in handy when we went to Mexico.  Now you may think it’ll be greasy on your face, but it isn’t. As you may know, coconut oil is a nature sunscreen, but they recommend you mix this with more SPF of sunscreen. You can actually use it as a primer and it acts like a serum for your face before your foundation. Kopari recommends using this as a hair oil as well to reduce fly-away hair.  Another way I use this is as a massage oil.  I love that it has a little dropper to make it easier to spread on the body for a massage and quite beneficial on your skin. It also claims to help with fine lines and wrinkles and minimizes appearance of dark circles.

I carry the Coconut Balm with me in my purse when I need that extra moisturizing on my nasty ass dry hands, especially in the winter.  Does anybody have dry skin spots? I do. Does anyone have bumpy skin? I do. my bumpy spots are behind my arms and my thighs, dry spots mostly on my upper arms and shoulders.  Now, I haven’t used this too dedicating on those trouble spots, but when in Mexico I used this as my first layer of sunscreen. This product contains aloe so yes I was rubbing this all over my shoulders especially after the sun.   It’s definately soothing.

After the sun, it’s always recommended to scrub/exfoliate your body. Yes Kopari has a body Sugar Scrub too!! It’s quite new in their line and it doesn’t fall far from the (coconut)tree. This product doesn’t only have coconut oil, it has brown sugar and pieces of the coconut shell to buff out your skin. This scrub is different from other scrubs that I use because to use the Coconut crush scrub, you use it prior to hopping into the shower or bath and rinse in the shower/bath. When you get out of the bath, you will significantly tell how much more moisturized your skin is!!  But of course you can’t be too moisturized, apply the balm right after to get the best results.

I can scream and shout how much I love this company, but you’d have to try it yourself to understand. The customer service is amazing and what the company stands for is even better.  Even after I gave my credit card, they replied back and wished me a happy wedding and that they wish I enjoy their products.  Love them! Let me know if you try out the company.  They are becoming such a big company compared to when I first discovered them almost a year ago.  This review is not sponsored, it is just my honest opinion.  It is literally #beautyinanutshell.


Tiwiwy – MK

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  1. I haven’t tried any of these but they surely sound great! I really do need to exfoliate my body, and the sugar scrub sounds like a perfect match for me! <3 Thanks for sharing xoxo

    1. Girl you need to get your hands on them, worth it!

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