Bacon Roses


What better way to tug at your man's strings than meat. Why is all the pressure on men? It's nice to do a little something for the special meat eating man in your life. Bacon roses. It's really quite easy to make!! To dress up the traditional breakfast in bed, throw in some bacon roses and it instantly becomes a romantic breakfast in bed.



What you need:

Bbq skewers
Pack of bacon
Muffin tin
Brown sugar



Preheat oven to 375°F
Roll up one piece of bacon tightly half way, the other half twist, turn wrap it to give the outside bloom look that roses have.



Take 2 toothpicks or one depending on how much stabilization your bacon needs and stab the toothpick through the bacon rose {make sure you catch each layer}.



Pop it into a cupcake tin.
If you choose you can sprinkle a little bit of brown sugar on top of the roses



Bake for 45minutes
After 45mins place roses on a plate with paper towel and let sit for 3 minutes so that the paper towel will soak up excess grease




Take a rose bacon and place it on the pointy part of the bamboo skewer and remove toothpicks


To give it that extra romantic look, place them in a vase or in my case I placed them in a mason jar before serving 😉
Happy Valentine's Day!


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