Tale As Old As Time 2017

Let's talk about this newly released music video.
I don't usually watch music videos... for good reason.  I gave this a chance because well.... Beauty and the Beast!
There are three things I wish to discuss: the hype, costume, remake song rendition.  I just need to get this off my chest.

It takes a lot of ballz to remake such an iconic movie, especially from cartoon to real life! How would they interpret all the furniture and cutlery? Well we can't have it all too too realistic... It defeats the magic of it all. If there's anyone that can deal with the magic, why not Emma Watson. Imagine the pressure she was under making Belle into her own person.  This movie had been hyped up so so much, the first trailer they released was too much of a tease, but it worked!!! I've waited way too long for this. I was just thinking the other night. It's so weird to me how I grew up watching Emma Watson as Hermione Granger and the next generation would only know her as Belle.  Maybe it's just my age shining through right now, that it's strange to me now that kids from here on out will see Emma Watson as Belle, this is time showing itself.

As a fashion designer I have really high hopes for the interpretation of the costumes.  There was an exhibit in Toronto at the Casa Loma that I missed out on unfortunately that showed off a bunch of the wardrobe from the movie.  From this music video....... I hate to say it, but i wasn't too impressed. First of all, I think it was rude to just put a loofah on Ariana Grande lol it didn't even look like it fit, there's scenes where her arms are so clenched to her dress, it looked like if she raised her arms the dress would fall. It was all tulle, no fit, even my style challenged husband noticed her being engulfed in material.  John legend, you can't mess up a military coat, looked fine, you don't see much detail because he's sitting at a piano. Beast isn't allowed to look bad his outfit in the music video is like the original movie. Now let's talk about Belles iconic yellow ball gown, theeeeee ball gown. If there was a costume to nail, it has to be this one.  Again, i wasn't blown away.....I really hate to say it. It just didn't capture the wow factor, it was......mundane. No offence Jacqueline Durran. I read that she worked with Emma personally on the dress, tbh, i dont think that was a good idea, maybe taking their input in comfortability yes, but you are chosen and paid to actually create the dress, maybe focusing on the movie instead of pleasing the actress was a better idea?  I appreciated the silk and definitely the shade of yellow, well done on that. I was not enthused on how unpuffy the dress was. The pickups(the style that creates the drapery along the dress) was replaced by layers and gold leaf and glitter printed on the hem of the layers/tiers. Where was the peak of white lace?? Where is that off the shoulders straps. To me it just looks like a thick strap tank top, not too elegant. It was an a-line dress with a train, no emphasis on a bustle. And where are her dang gloves? Lol. Again, so underwhelming. I'm overwhelmed at how unconventional Belle's ball gown turned out, that's it.

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On to the whole point of a music video... The song. I always cringe at the thought of anyone remaking something that was already perfect the way it was. "If it ain't broke don't fix it." Why doesn't anyone listen to that!!! When i heard Ariana Grande was going to cover it, i was like okay so they want a power voice, and I hoped that she doesn't do all the over done riffs she usually does. Then i heard John Legend was doing it too, I was a little intrigued. Two different voices. Angela Lansbury portrayed it beautifully in the movie and Celine and Peabo Bryson did an even more powerful rendition, did you expect less from thee Celine Dion and Mr. Disney songs Peabo Bryson.  How was that going to turn out? I don't think too well lol did i say i hate watching music videos? Ariana didn't do too bad of a job actually I was really really surprised, and John's piano rendition was great, obviously. The two voices though singing duet for the higher notes? Not a fan. Is it just me or was John's voice not suited for this song? I love John Legend and I'm not denying his talent, just not for this song. I don't like change, but it happens and this happens to be a step into the new age Beauty and the Beast, it's good for promotion using big named artists. And adjusting to whom social media looks at these days. Their strategy worked, this song has been in my head since they released the music video.


The outcome of this music video however does not turn Me off from watching the movie.  I still cannot wait until Beauty and The Beast 2017 comes out next week. I'm sure it will be amazing... it is Emma Watson after all.  Let me know what you think of the music video and how excited are you for the movie to come out!

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  1. I have been waiting for this movie since they announced it! Oh my goodness I am SOO excited! I agree with you on Ariana and John’s voices together. I feel like separately they sound amazing, but I don’t know I care for them singing together. Lovely post! xx


    1. Thank you. I am super stoked, going to see it on Monday evening, can’t wait!


  2. Love the music video , two modern talented vocalists

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