Afternoon Tea @ NOTL

NOTL, Prince of Wales, Niagara Falls, Afternoon Tea

Hello spring!

Did we even have a winter?
Hey wait who am i complaining to?
I'm happy about that! Winter driving is not my fave, not even a little.
I'm glad spring is here! Although the only thing spring right now is the Sun, and rain.
It's still a bit nippy out, but the sun's shining, and why would i ask for more?

I took a day to spend a few hours at Niagara on the lake on a beautiful sunny day, sunny, but still chilly, with my niece.
We enjoyed a cup of tea or more at The Drawing Room at the Prince of Wales Hotel. It was such a cute atmosphere and so quiet, i felt awkward to snap a few pics.

The food was ever so delicious, my first thoughts were should I have gone up a choice for the menu?
Is this food going to be enough? Oh my, was it ever enough. I have a tendency to always order more than I can eat, for some reason, nothings ever enough for me HA.
There were plenty of sandwiches, and treats to go around twice. I was sooooooo full! We got the "Traditional Afternoon Tea", no complaints here.
The food came in a 3 tier plate display: scones, sandwiches(on multi bread and phylo puff pastry: turkey/cheese, egg curry) , devilled eggs, desserts(macaroons, macarons, mini cupcakes, sugar cookies).
With the food came in house made jam, clotted cream and butter.

Their tea options were plenty, but being that I'm a coffee addict, I chose coffee instead(I was also exhausted, needed a boost),
my niece chose some tropical tea. The tea options came in a box, where you get to smell the loose leafs in a small canister, convenient to those tea connoisseurs.



After some tea time, we made our way to stroll around Niagara-on-the-Lake, showing my niece around some of my favourites shops, then made our way to the beach.

I've yet to be at the beach in the "Winter" time, by winter I mean, there was still snow on the shore, little chilly, and little chunks of ice,
but it was such a beautiful day that it didn't bother us that there was snow, and the ground was a little muddy, the sun was shining and we made the best of it.

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