• Hello spring! Did we even have a winter? Hey wait who am i complaining to? I’m happy about that! Winter driving is not my fave, not even a little. I’m glad spring is here! Although the only thing spring right now is the Sun, and rain. It’s still a bit nippy out, but the sun’s Afternoon Tea @ NOTL“>[…]

  • Let’s talk about this newly released music video. I don’t usually watch music videos… for good reason.  I gave this a chance because well…. Beauty and the Beast! There are three things I wish to discuss: the hype, costume, remake song rendition.  I just need to get this off my chest. It takes a lot Tale As Old As Time 2017“>[…]

  • And the next day I woke up and it was 2017. Good bye 2016, boy you were a good one, if there was a year I could go back to, it would be 2016. It was such a busy year, when people say time flies, that whole year flew! It was a year of many New Year, New Goals“>[…]

  • I don’t know what it is about Christmas, Holidays, and birthdays, that makes me want to make so much arts and crafts.  I actually plan 10 things at once and complete 3 out of 10 because one project alone gets me so amped I put so much energy in anything creative. It’s not even that DIY Christmas Gift Tag“>[…]

  • It’s almost Christmas (!!)…where has the time gone? I felt like I just rang in the New Year and I said my wedding vows (May). It has been quite a crazy year, but definitely memorable and one for the books. This Christmas we actually decided to put up our tree. We’ve never celebrated Christmas at home, always DIY Christmas Tree Skirt“>[…]

  • Halloween has come and gone. This year Halloween crept up on me. I feel like I was planning it so much more than celebrating it, then BAM it was the next evening. We celebrated Halloween on Saturday the 29th this year, and was it ever fun. My husband and I dressed up as a bride […]