Tale As Old As Time 2017

Let’s talk about this newly released music video.I don’t usually watch music videos… for good reason.  I gave this a chance because well…. Beauty and the Beast!There are three things I wish to discuss: the hype, costume, remake song rendition.  I just need to get this off my chest.It takes a lot of ballz to […]

Bacon Roses

 What better way to tug at your man’s strings than meat. Why is all the pressure on men? It’s nice to do a little something for the special meat eating man in your life. Bacon roses. It’s really quite easy to make!! To dress up the traditional breakfast in bed, throw in some bacon roses […]

Cinnabon Hearts

This year is already flying by… Valentine’s Day is already creeping up. How do I press pause? Some people are iffy about Valentine’s Day, like me I don’t celebrate it but I do like all the artsy fartsy stuff you can come up with this oh so “special day”. When I think of Valentine’s Day […]